A mostly chronological list of the Super Mario Maker stages I've made. With stage IDs, obviously. You can also follow me to get all my stages, of course.

Bomb Man

ID: FE01-0000-0047-5BA7
The first stage I made, as a way to get myself acquainted with the editor. A recreation of Bomb Man's stage from Mega Man, and... not much else, honestly. I think I was still unlocking parts while making this.

Don't eat the mushroom!

ID: E1D3-0000-0047-E064
A single screen stage of considerable difficulty. Like, we're talking unfairly hard. It's got a time limit of 40 seconds, so any attempts won't take too long, but still. Has less than a 1% clear rate. If you're insane, go for the added challenge of collecting the 100 coins as well.

Fortress in the Sky

ID: 27D8-0000-0056-B653
My first real "full-length" stage. It's got more than 100 coins, but there's three hidden 1-ups for you to find, and your choice of how to get through the middle part of the stage. Including an explosive boss fight.

Topsy-Turvy Mountain

ID: F4CE-0000-0059-4F1A
The name probably gives away the gimmick - but try to navigate this twisting cavern!

The Forgotten Deep

ID: 79E0-0000-0065-3428
A nonlinear exploration stage. You have to find your way out of the titular deep, but the exit might prove hard to find, and there's more than one way to acquire the tools you need to escape.

Coral Mayhem :jawsome: :tehee:

ID: B4D5-0000-0066-BDFE
A dumb stage I don't really recommend playing. If I ever need to make space to upload more stages, this is the first one to go.

Black Behemoth "BONEGRINDER"

ID: 24E6-0000-0068-DC5C
The massive tank-like Bonegrinder is coming for the Mushroom Kindgom. Mario will have to enter, survive the dangers within and defeat the commander. Not long - but not easy!

Withering Dreadnought

ID: B60A-0000-039F-935E
By far my most ambitious stage so far. Nonlinear, challenging, with a few secrets but is more about how you manage to deal with the trials...

Haru ga yo ♪

ID: C691-0000-039F-01AE
A quite casual stage made after the above one as a contrast: this is probably the least ambitious stage I've ever made. It was made up as I went along, and difficulty was deliberately kept low.

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