Welcome to Aniara, my web sandbox and sort of "hub" for a number of projects I have running.

Any project I have going that is meant for public view will be gathered here, with their own subpages. Right now, not all pages have content on them, as I did not have the time to complete it before the launch, which I wanted to be on my birthday and coincide with the launch of the first of the listed projects. The pages lacking content will be expanded in the near future.

Currently, the following are what I consider to be part of the Aniara projects. Some have dedicated pages of their own, others have subpages on this particular domain. Any links in italics will take you to another site.

One Piece: Pure Corruption
My primary project these days. A One Piece fanfic, and while it was launched two years before the Aniara hub, I absolutely consider it to be one of its projects.

Stream Channel
My streaming, especially my speedrunning, might seem strange to consider a "project", but it very much is content that I produce and as such has a natural home here.

Support Unit
My Wordpress sandbox. Any content that I wish to publish in the Wordpress format, but that I do not consider needing a page all to their own, will be published on Support Unit. It is also where any experimentation with the Wordpress format I wish to do will take place. At the time of this writing, extremely incomplete.

Stages that I do in video games will be collected here. For the time being, there are three games covered under this heading, only two which actually have stages featured at the moment: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Mario Maker and Doom engine games. Super Mario Maker 2 and Mega Man Maker to be added. Eventually.

Next Era
A fanfiction project I was part of several years ago. No longer active, and is only considered an honorary Aniara project. OH GOD I AM WRITING THINGS FOR THIS AGAIN WHAT THE FUCK

Just for fun
Technically not a project - just a page where I collect some stuff that are, well, just for fun. I mean, everything I do is because I think it's fun, but the things on this page are purely for comedic reasons.

For those so inclined, there also exists a Discord server for all the Aniara projects. Just as the Aniara website is my web sandbox, the Aniara Discord server is my Discord sandbox, so I might be experimenting with some stuff there too. It is an attempt of mine at an opt-in Discord server - that is, you must be given certain roles to access anything but the "main" category - with some, if not necessarily all, projects listed above having their own categories. Roles are freely given out on request.


2018-11-16: Just for fun page added
2018-05-14: Launch of Aniara